February 24, 2021


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Throwback Thursday: Election Lessons – Gifts & Decorative Accessories

As of this morning, we don’t know who won the presidential election, but we do know that this country is divided — possibly the most divided it has ever been. And two presidential elections ago, gift and home industry consultant Randy Eller wrote that division is “not a good thing.”

“It makes people feel tense, some even angry, and ensures that at least half of the population at any given moment is in a perpetual state of being fed up,” he said.

In his column, he bestowed some wisdom to glean from presidential elections for those of us in the gift and home business that still rings true today.

Lesson 1: What can we learn to make us better business people? “Challenge yourself as to whether your employees and your customers really understand your business model and see it as something that adds value to their lives and does not offend them in any way,” Eller said.

Lesson 2: How does your messaging align with your core business values? Eller explained, “The best companies in the world, after completing the tasks above, develop very simple marketing messages about their companies that clearly define these issues.”

In closing, Eller wrote, “Presidents only have to be elected every four years, and once you vote for them they will legally take your money for the next four years through the IRS. You, on the other hand, have to run your business in such a way that people will come back to you time after time and voluntarily take their hard-earned dollars out of their pocket, give it to you and be happy to do so.”

No matter how the 2020 election shakes out, know that those of us in the gift industry, and in the U.S. as a whole, are in this together. Let’s try to work together to bring happiness to consumers — that’s what this industry is all about.

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