March 6, 2021


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Pandora launches holiday marketing campaign with Millie Bobby Brown, celebrity ‘Muses’

Pandora Jewelry has released its 2020 holiday season advertisement featuring its celebrity spokespeople, including Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown.

Described as a “mixed media short film” with “a message of love and unity”, the advertisement combines live action with animation and is titled One Lovely Day.

In the clip, an animated Brown is joined by the Pandora ‘Muses’ – Game Of Thrones actress Nathalie Emmanual, models Georgia May Jagger and Halima Aden, dancer Larsen Thompson, Australian fashion writer, director and consultant Margaret Zhang, and artist Tasya van Ree – and US-based music and design duo Coco & Breezy (sisters Corianna and Brianna Dotson).

The group visit Los Angeles, New York, London, Shanghai and Australia in a magical gift box, where they distribute pink Pandora presents as the 1977 hit ‘Lovely Day’ by Bill Withers plays.

A statement from Pandora Jewelry explained, “The cast is a true manifestation of individuality – each of them with their own unique personality and style, ultimately connecting to the campaign message, ‘Something About You’. The film embodies the message that gifting is an act of love, and the importance of coming together over the holidays.”

Carla Liuni, chief marketing director, Pandora Jewelry, said, “We know this holiday season may be unusual, with some families unable to be together. So, we wanted to highlight that, regardless of where you are in the world, you can still celebrate with the ones you love and show them how much you care. The aim of this feel-good animation is to share this sentiment in a really fun and engaging way.”

The clip was produced by Andy Baker Studio in London. Andy Baker, director, said, “We wanted to combine the realism of the live action and the 2D in a way that felt unique and spent a lot of time working on how we would design the backgrounds using photography and background painting techniques to give us a really cool visual identity.

“After that we obviously worked really hard on designing the muses and making sure they would work within this world,” he added. 

The advertisement is designed for social media and will be posted to Pandora’s own channels, as well as the social media channels of the celebrity spokespeople featured in the clip; they have a combined following of more than 48 million on Instagram alone.

Pursuing a digital-based advertising campaign appears to be a prudent move by Pandora, which was recently forced to temporarily shutter a fifth of its international store count due to COVID-19 lockdowns. The company has focused on e-commerce growth throughout 2020, with its most recent financial report indicated ‘triple-digit’ increases in online sales in its two largest markets – the US and UK – over the three months to 30 September. 

The Pandora holiday range, the Timeless Collection, made its debut in October and features classic Christmas and love-themed motifs such as hearts, snowflakes, and infinity knots. 


Pandora’s video campaign features some of the following muses from its 2019 campaign.
Top L to R: Halima Aden, Georgia May Jagger, Margaret Zhang 
Bottom L to R: Larsen Thompson, Tasya van Ree, Nathalie Emmanual



The Pandora holiday range, the Timeless Collection, made its debut in October and features classic
Christmas and love-themed motifs such as hearts, snowflakes, and infinity knots.


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