February 26, 2021


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Review – Bute Loudness Suite – Signum Audio

The Bute Loudness Suite is one of those products where to do a full in-depth review of all the features would take an hour. My video shows just how intuitive the user interface is and how quickly I was able to adapt to working with this plug-in and start using it to my advantage.


I really like the Bute Loudness Suite. I’ve been privileged to see it throughout its development and I can safely say it just keeps getting better. Just when I thought Signum had a great intuitive analyser with history, they then added the brick wall True Peak Limiter AND offline normalisation, with all the major standards included as presets.

Visually, Bute is very easy on the eye, especially in the darkened environments of a typical TV drama or Feature Film mix room, where they have projection. In these sort of conditions, you find yourself grateful for clear, uncluttered and not too garish displays that can be easily read from a distance.

As a company Signum Audio provide excellent support and are always willing to take on feedback and use that feedback to keep on improving.

For my own workflow preferences, I am less likely to use the built-in limiter and I prefer to only use normalisation as a last resort. When you’re dealing with standards as different as TV and internet streaming, such as YouTube, which is a clear 10LU higher, there is always a degree of subjective rebalancing that needs to take place. I prefer to use normalisation to get absolutely spot on, for those really picky clients. Saying that though, Bute’s History display makes hitting those magic numbers all the easier and the automatic updating of your overall loudness stats makes doing updates later a much less daunting task.

Even if you don’t deliver to distributors with a defined loudness and True Peak specification, knowing how your mix performs and having the ability to quickly conform it to any of the widely used standards, is always very useful, no matter what content you are producing.

Grab A Bargain

Signum Audio’s Bute Loudness Suite is available for £250 (ex taxes) for the Surround version and £200 (ex taxes) for the Stereo version. Personally I’d spend the extra and go for the Surround version – you never know when that first surround job may land and with advances in digital TV tech, it’s fast becoming a default requirement.

And if you’re reading this in the Month of May 2018, head over to the Deals page, where you can pick up the Bute Loudness Suite with a 20% discount, making it £199 (ex taxes) for the Surround version and £159 (ex taxes) for the Stereo Version.


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