February 28, 2021


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Milwaukee Redstick Levels Promise Industry-Leading Durability

One of the most important tools on the jobsite is the box level, but at the same time it is one of the most fragile. If it changes in just the slightest amount, all of the work done with it will be wrong. To ensure your work is never the fault of a bad level, Milwaukee Tool has introduced their new line of REDSTICK box levels, that promise to lead the industry in durability and deliver guaranteed accuracy.

Over the years I have gone through a countless number of box levels that all make the promise of accuracy, but can’t seem to handle the everyday abuse of a jobsite. Sure, some of them offer a lifetime warranty, but who wants to go through the hassle of getting a replacement everytime something goes wrong?

What has me intrigued about the new REDSTICK levels from Milwaukee is their claim that their levels have the strongest frame in the industry. They say what sets them apart is their use of an all-metal “backbone” that strengthens the frame of the level and eliminates common deformations.

The Sharpsite Vial used in the Milwaukee Redstick Levels also claims to be 10x more durable than standard competitive block vials and still provides an accuracy of 0.029 degrees. The Sharpsite vial also uses a design that I favor over what most level manufacturers use; a rounded vial instead of a square one, which eliminates blind spots. The use of black bands on the vials are also said to improve readability by providing contrast for the bubble.

Milwaukee has a number of different sizes available including magnetic and non-magnetic models. The end caps can be removed from the level so they can be used on corners and in tight spaces. They are also offering a line of compact levels that are specifically designed to work in tight spaces.

All of the new Milwaukee Redstick Levels are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty so that even if an issue arises, the level can be replaced.

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Available Milwaukee Redstick Level models and their suggested price.

Non-Magnetic Redstick Levels

  • 16” REDSTICK™ Box Level (MLBX16) – $59.99
  • 24” REDSTICK™ Box Level (MLBX24) – $79.99
  • 32” REDSTICK™ Box Level (MLBX32) – $94.99
  • 36” REDSTICK™ Box Level (MLBX36) – $99.99
  • 48” REDSTICK™ Box Level (MLBX48) – $129.00
  • 59” REDSTICK™ Box Level (MLBX59) – $159.00
  • 72” REDSTICK™ Box Level (MLBX72) – $189.00
  • 78” REDSTICK™ Box Level (MLBX78) – $209.00
  • 96” REDSTICK™ Box Level (MLBX96) – $249.00
  • 24”/48” REDSTICK™ Box Level Set (MLBXS48) – $169.00
  • 78”/32” REDSTICK™ Box Level Jamb Set (MLBXJB) – $249.00

Magnetic Redstick Levels

  • 16” REDSTICK™ Magnetic Box Level (MLBXM16) – $69.99
  • 24” REDSTICK™ Magnetic Box Level (MLBXM24) – $89.99
  • 32” REDSTICK™ Magnetic Box Level (MLBXM32) – $109.99
  • 36” REDSTICK™ Magnetic Box Level (MLBXM36) – $114.00
  • 48” REDSTICK™ Magnetic Box Level (MLBXM48) – $139.00
  • 59” REDSTICK™ Magnetic Box Level (MLBXM59) – $169.00
  • 72” REDSTICK™ Magnetic Box Level (MLBXM72) – $229.00
  • 78” REDSTICK™ Magnetic Box Level (MLBXM78) – $229.00
  • 96” REDSTICK™ Magnetic Box Level (MLBXM96) – $279.00
  • 24”/48” REDSTICK™ Box Level Set (MLBXSM48) – $179.00
  • 78”/32” REDSTICK™ Box Level Jamb Set (MLBXJBM) – $279.00

Compact Redstick Levels

  • 24” REDSTICK™ Compact Box Level (MLCM24) – $49.99
  • 24” REDSTICK™ Magnetic Compact Box Level (MLCMM24) – $64.99
  • 48” REDSTICK™ Compact Box Level (MLCM48) – $69.99
  • 48” REDSTICK™ Magnetic Compact Box Level (MLCMM48) – $89.99
  • 72” REDSTICK™ Compact Box Level (MLCM72) – $99.99
  • 72” REDSTICK™ Magnetic Compact Box Level (MLCMM72) – $119.00
  • 24”/48” REDSTICK™ Compact Box Level Set (MLCMS48) – $129.00
  • 24”/48” REDSTICK™ Magnetic Compact Box Level Set (MLCMSM48) – $139.00

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