March 7, 2021


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Kyocera Electric Mill ~ Pepper, Salt & Spice Mill | THE NIBBLE Blog

Here’s a tip for everyone who cooks:

Do you use a peppermill?

If not, why not? Pre-ground pepper from the store has half the flavor of freshly-ground.

When you cook a lot and grind a lot of pepper, the idea of not having to turn the mill 10 times is very appealing!

Small conveniences in the kitchen can make a big difference in daily cooking. That’s why we recommend the Kyocera Electric Mill for grinding pepper, salt—or spices.

It can easily grind coarse salts, wet salts, peppercorns or spices: celery seeds, cumin seeds, flax seeds, mustard seeds, sesame seeds and more.

The Kyocera Electric Mill is a one-hand operation with the flexibility to choose your grind, from fine to coarse.

It’s ultra-quiet, too: no jarring grinding noise.

  • One hand touch button to operate.
  • An adjustable ceramic grinding mechanism.
  • Easy to operate and refill.
  • Dial adjusts easily from coarse to fine grind.
  • A window shows the contents.
  • A matching stand catches residual grinds, for a total of 7-1/2 inches tall.
  • The grinding burrs are made from an advanced ceramic that will never rust*.
  • Stylishly attractive for the dining table, in black or white.
  • Powers up with 4 AA batteries (not included).
    Plus, it reducing fatigue from repetitive motion for people with arthritis, carpal tunnel and general overuse of hands.

    We’d been using a high-end manual mill, but the Kyocera Electric Mill has become a must-have tool we never knew we needed.

    In addition to easily changing the size of the grind, we love the one-handed operation. Just press the button!

    In fact, you may want more than one: Black for pepper, White for salt.

    See the mill in action here.

    In Black or White, $49.95.


    [1] The handsome electric spice mills are available in black or white (all photos © Kyocera).

    [2] One-handed operation. The stand (at right) catches residual grinds.

    [3] It’s attractive on the dinner table.

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