February 25, 2021


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Baller ToDo/Artificial trees/Portable back support


Recomendo: issue no. 228

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Visualize your to-do list
The “Urgent-Important” decision making matrix seems to be trending real hard (according to all the productivity posts I come across ), and it’s exactly that which inspired this task-mapping tool called Baller ToDo. It will help you visualize and figure out the stuff that really matters and most importantly, what you can put off. — CD

Portable back support
I read a Cool Tools review of the Nada Chair S’portbacker from several years ago, and since my back has been sore from sitting at my desk so much lately, I bought one a couple of weeks ago. Basically, it’s an adjustable strap that goes around your knees and lower back, which allows you to lean back without slouching. As the maker says, you wear the chair. My back soreness is gone, and I don’t get as drowsy while working when I wear it. It also allows me to sit cross-legged on the ground comfortably for the first time in my life. — MF

The microcosm made visual
Journey to the Microcosm is a YouTube channel that uses high quality microscopic video to explore lifeforms invisible to the naked eye. The narration includes interesting stories and histories, too. — MF

Artificial Christmas trees
We changed sides a few years ago. We went from being a live-Christmas-tree family to embracing a fake tree. Artificial trees have gotten so good looking, so inexpensive, and so easy to assemble, that we are now happy owners of a forever tree. And new ones get better each year. The most realistic trees come from National Christmas Tree Company; they are usually at the top of Wirecutter’s recommendations. The best ones have LED lights built in. We went with a budget, light-less 7.5ft tall Douglas Fir from National for $180. Once decked out with our own lights, and covered with ornaments, you can’t really distinguish it from a real tree. — KK

Motivational writing advice
I came across this encouraging Reddit post for all creatives: “Read this if you’re concerned your idea has been done before and you’re feeling unmotivated.” A reminder that “The idea doesn’t matter nearly as much as the execution does. No one will have your taste, your mind, your unique perspective on the matter.” — CD

Live human help
I shop online for 99% of the stuff I need. It’s magic when it works. On the very rare occasions when it doesn’t work, I want to talk to a human, preferably by voice. Since a live human is expensive, access to them is often hard to find. To get a working number to a live human for a retailer or manufacturer I go to GetHuman. It’s a free clearinghouse website. They have the best number, what prompts to hit, how long to wait, and they will facilitate callbacks if you want. — KK


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