March 1, 2021


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Detox Your Home: A simple guide to remove the toxins from home. Cleaning, laundry, bath, body, beauty and food products. Includes shopping lists, 80+ … & all the tools you need! (Detox Your Life)

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Mamas, let’s make our homes healthy and safe together. Let me help you make the process to go natural in your home affordable, easy and fun!

As a new mom in 2009, I was shocked to learn about the toxins in my home and how they can harm my family and pets. I was determined to make my home safe but felt really overwhelmed at the thought of changing over everything – I wanted a guide, someone to hold my hand walk me through the process! This book includes everything you need to know, organized in simple action steps, to clean out the toxins from your home and make it safe for you and your especially your kids.

–> Get rid of the toxins in your home once and for all, without the stress and overwhelm
–> Make your own recipes (more than 80 of them) OR buy safe products (if you’re not into DIY)
–> Empower yourself with knowledge about the toxins in our products and how to avoid them
–> Feel confident as you create a safe and natural home for you and your loved ones
–> Clean out the toxins step by step – go at your own pace!

–> More than 80 DIY recipes using simple ingredients like baking soda, vinegar and essential oils
–> Shopping lists for each area of your home for those recipes
–> Lists of SAFE store-bought products to purchase if you’re not a DIY person
–> Research on the toxins in our products and how they affect our health.

Because our governments are not protecting us from toxins in our products and food. The last time the FDA passed a chemical regulations act was in 1976 and they haven’t updated it since! More than 150,000 chemicals have been introduced to the market since then that have not been tested for safety. Chemicals are considered innocent until proven guilty – many of them aren’t banned until people start getting sick. We are quite literally, human experiments and this affects the smallest amount us the most – our children.

Toxins abound in our cleaning products, bath and body products and cosmetics. More than 232 chemicals are found in the cord blood of infants! Most companies will use the cheapest ingredients they can source and manufacture, not giving much thought to our health and safety, especially that of our children. Is it any wonder that we are seeing more children with compromised health? ADD, ADHD, so many with food allergies, eczema, behavioral disorders – it’s time to take the power back in your hands and empower yourself with knowledge so we can raise healthy families! Even our pets are affected by these chemicals as they walk on our floors that are sprayed with toxins and they enter their bodies through their paws.

Written and designed by Sara McFall, founder of and The Merry Messy Moms Show podcast. Sara is a mom of four and has been a professional blogger since 2011. She is passionate about helping moms detox their homes, bodies and minds so they can thrive. She also owns a thriving business with Young Living Essential Oils and an Etsy shop called mymerrymessylife. You can find her at

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