February 27, 2021


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Bosch Heated Hoodie GHH12V with 3 Heating Zones

Keep Warm Through the Winter Months

Bosch has added more options to the line of heated apparel. The Bosch GHH12V-20 heated hoodie feature enhanced designs and light materials for better dexterity and comfort. With strategically placed heat zones in the chest and back, this provides the warmth of a Bosch heated jacket, but in a hoodie design.

10-Second Summary

  • Heated Hoodie model: Bosch GHH12V
  • Modern designs and light, durable materials
  • Three temperature settings
  • Three warming heat zones
  • Portable power adapter
  • Price: $149


Bosch GHH12V Heated Hoodie Features

The Bosch heated hoodie shares many of the same features as the Bosch heated jacket, but with its own unique contributions to the world of winter warming.

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