February 25, 2021


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Crate Collective – The Original Bamboo Spurtle Set – 4 Piece Bamboo Spurtle Set – 13″ Spurtle, 11″ Slotted Spurtle, 9″ Spurtle, and 9″ Spreader – The Best Kitchen Utensils – Wooden Cooking Spoons

Price: $49.99 - $44.99
(as of Dec 10,2020 01:01:13 UTC – Details)

Not quite a spoon, not quite a spatula, but rather a bit of both.

It’s called a Spurtle. And it’s the must-have tool for anyone who spends time in the kitchen! Crafted from premium bamboo, these Spurtles are sturdy and lightweight for efficient use. Perfect for cooking, stirring, or scraping pots without scratching them, you’ll find yourself reaching for them every day.

Originating from Scotland, the Spurtle was originally meant for stirring oatmeal. It’s sleek design, ideal for both stirring quickly and efficiently, as well as for scooping porridge from the pot with its elongated design, caught on quickly.

Now you, too, can own your very own Spurtle, a unique and versatile tool for anyone! This set includes four spurtles, a long 13″ spurtle, an 11″ slotted spurtle, a 9″ wide spurtle, and a 9″ narrow spurtle that is perfect for scooping and spreading contents from a jar. Use the shorter ones for mixing up bowls of ingredients and the long ones for stirring and pouring soups. You can even use any two simultaneously to toss salads or stir other dishes!

You won’t regret your purchase, nor the experience of using your very own Spurtle set in your kitchen today.

Highest Quality Bamboo – In addition to being environment-friendly our Crate Collective wood cooking utensils are all made of premium bamboo which is naturally lightweight and sturdy. Our spurtles are perfect for stirring your recipes and scraping food from the edges into serving dishes.
Scratch-Free Cookware – You can always bake your favorite cookies, make special soups, or cook other dishes without scratching high quality pots or other expensive cookware. These personalized kitchen tools are designed for longevity and to avoid damage on your valuable cookware.
Easy to Clean w/ an Elongated Design – These kitchen accessories allow for versatility in stirring, mixing, scooping, or tossing salads! Plus, you can wash this wood cookware with ease, simply hand wash with warm soapy water and dry!
Available in Various Sizes – Set is available in 4 different sizes to meet your needs. It includes one 13″ spurtle, one slotted 11″ spurtle, one wide 9″ spurtle, and one narrow 9″ spurtle – thin enough to fit into jars and ideal for use as a spreader. Choose from our different home kitchen spurtle collections such as a spoon, stirring spoons, spatula, and more.
Perfect Gifts & Decor – If you are thinking of unique presents for Christmas, Wedding, House Blessings, Birthday, or just want to give something to your family or loved ones. Mothers and all women will enjoy the cooking dish with these wooden utensils. Crate Collective items are great gift options and can be a classic decor to your kitchen too.

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