February 24, 2021


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31 Pack LEILUO Oscillating Saw Blades Oscillating Tool Blades Cut Wood Metal Plastics and Dismantle Wallpaper Cement Suit for Dewalt Rockwell Royobi Millwaukee Porter Cable Bosch Rigid Craftsman

Price: $38.99 - $32.99
(as of Dec 10,2020 17:59:58 UTC – Details)

Is the saw blade blunt? Slow cutting speed? Costly? Can’t a single saw blade meet the family’s cutting decoration requirements?
LEILUO 31-piece Multitool blades meets the DIY needs of your home cutting and decoration at the lowest price.

Our package has the following advantages:
> The collocation is reasonable, carbon steel and bi-metal materials, long and short teeth, wide and short blades…, a variety of tools to meet various requirements.
> The cutting speed of long teeth is faster, and the material of short teeth can be cut harder.
> Narrow saw blades cut small wooden strips and polish the edges more accurately , such as cutting furniture and extra corners of door jamb.
> Wide blade can shovel cement quickly, remove cement slurry grout, remove wallpaper and wall paint.
> Bi-metal saw blades are processed by a special process, which can cut hard materials, not easy to be blunt, and can cut more materials, such as porter cables, deck screw, steel sheets.

Product Details:
8 Pack — 1-3/8-inch Wood and Plastic saw blades
4 Pack — 1-3/4-inch Precision Wood and Plastic saw blades
4 Pack — 1-3/8-inch Bi-Metal saw blades
4 Pack — 1-3/4-inch Bi-Metal saw blades
2 Pack — 3/8-inch Wood and Plastic saw blades
2 Pack — 3/4-inch Wood and Plastic saw blades
2 Pack — 2-5/8-inch Wood and Plastic saw blades
2 Pack — 3-1/2-inch Wood and Plastic saw blades
1 Pack — 2-inch stainless steel saw blades
2 Pack — C-clip Adapter

Dremel MM50/DREMEL MULTI-MAX MM30/Rockwell SoniCrafter RK5106K/rk5108k can be used by adding an additional adapter (ANIS: B003ZUXQDA)

Bosch mx25e
Fein 350Q
Dremel MM40/MM45
Makita xmt03z 18V
Fein Starlock
Fein Supercut Bosch OIS Tools
Bosch MX30

Cost-effective kit: The original manufacturer produces, strictly controls the quality of the product, directs the product directly to the consumer, removes the cost of distributor, the price is extremely favorable, and is committed to providing customers with high-quality and low-price products.
Multifunction: This oscillating saw tool set contains 9 different types of saw blades, which can meet your various cutting needs, high cutting efficiency, wear resistance, complete functions, can be used to cut wood, plastic, pipes, PVC, nails, wallpaper, plasterboard, DIY And home decoration, etc.
Durable: oscillating multitool blades with high-quality materials, special manufacturing process, strict production process, after repeated high-temperature quenching, greatly improve the steel’s rigidity, hardness, wear resistance, toughness, etc., improve the working life of swing saw blades.
Practicability: The blade is plug and plays on the oscillation saw tool, easy to install and replace. The multitool saw blades itself is engraved with size marks and cuttable materials, which is convenient for the correct use of the blade, easy to obtain accurate cutting, and has a wide range of applications.
Universality: Designed with universal accessories, suitable for quick release saw blades, blade multitool and old hex screw systems, such as Dewalt, Milwaukee, Makita, Ryobi, Rockwell, Bosch, Dremel, Ridgid, Craftsman, etc.

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