February 26, 2021


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LENOX Aluminum Pipe Wrench | Pro Tool Reviews

It Works Like a Pipe Wrench Should, Just Lighter Than You’d Expect

LENOX Tools has added a line of pipe wrenches to their line of hand tool offerings. The LENOX Aluminum Pipe Wrench line sticks to the traditional design that you’ve come to expect with the notable exception of using aluminum as the base material.

We tested it out on several applications—including the burliest metal connection we could find, the nut on Kenny’s hitch.


Lightweight Wrenching

The LENOX Aluminum Pipe Wrench line doesn’t reinvent any wheels with its design. The business end of the wrench operates just as you’d expect. The nut adjustment feels smooth and easy with a knurled edge that’s easy to grip, even with gloves on. The hook and heel jaws both employ effective ridging to bite down on pipe or other thick metals.

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