March 2, 2021


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VCUCES Plant Watering Device,Indoor Plants Watering can,Self Watering Stakes,Garden Automatic Watering Equipment,Indoor and Outdoor Hand-Blown Transparent Glass Plant dripper.(3 Pack)

Price: $18.99
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Product Description

VCUCES Plant automatic watering device
VCUCES Plant automatic watering device

VCUCES cat-shaped three-piece “watering ball suit” is a very simple and exquisite decoration method that can ensure that flowers and plants keep enough water throughout the year (especially when traveling)! Our glass watering globe is completely transparent, so you can clearly see where the water is.

The glass watering device slowly drips the water in the container into the soil of the flower pot through the drip tube, which will effectively prevent the soil from drying out. For indoor and outdoor small plants, our plant watering equipment garden is very suitable for you, no need to use large watering equipment to irrigate, no need to worry about desktop or other objects being irrigated by water, everything is kept tidy.

Glass dropper
Glass dropper

automatic plant watering

Professional gardening design
Professional gardening design

DIY watering bulb

How to extend the working time of the automatic watering ball

our suggestion:

1. Before using the water polo, it is recommended to water the flower pot first to extend the drip irrigation time (compared with dry soil).

2. The depth of insertion into the soil exceeds 4 cm/1.6 inches.

3. The position of the drip irrigation device cannot be fixed in the same position of the flower pot for a long time, and its position should be changed every time the water is changed.

Compared with plastic materials, tempered and thickened glass materials will never rot and are durable.

Transparent colors will not prevent you from admiring plants

Cute cat shape, you have both plants and pets

Support all vegetable, fruit and vegetable saplings and small potted plants

It’s a babysitter for small plants.

The cute glass cat automatic waterer helps you take care of plants.

The automatic plant watering ball is your plant sitter. You can go out safely without worrying about the soil being dry or too much water. Fill the glass container with water and insert it into the soil of the plant pot (usually continuous watering for about 2 weeks) .Note: Watering time may vary due to different conditions, climate, soil or plant types.

The most decorative method of self-watering.

The equipment is used to decorate your house, garden, beautiful botanical garden in the backyard.

Simple operation, in order to avoid dust blocking the water, you can use wet wipes or cloth to wrap the water outlet.

Wet the soil before use, and then water the plants to water longer.

We recommend that you test before the holiday. Different results can be obtained in different soil types

When filling the product with water, do not open the faucet completely

The perfect gift idea for plant lovers.

Pre-made holes

Pre-made holes

Water injection

Water injection

Prevent blockage

Prevent blockage

Complete DIY watering

Complete DIY watering

Keep the soil moist-Make hole

If the soil is too dry, please irrigate the soil to moisten and loosen it first, or use other tools to make holes in the soil, which will also help prevent the soil from clogging the pipe.

Watering device injects water

Pour water into the cat watering container through the glass pipe opening of the watering dripper.

Prevent clogging of automatic dropper

Wrap the nozzle tightly with a sponge or permeable cloth to prevent it from being blocked by soil during insertion.

Perfect automatic watering

Down the pipe and insert it into the hole you made in the soil (it is recommended to insert at least 1.6 inches deep).

plant watering device garden
plant watering device garden

plant watering device garden

VCUCE’S Automatic Watering Glass Ball

The tempered glass material is more transparent and transparent than plastic, and the vision is comfortable

Automatic watering to keep the soil moist

Watering time can be about 2 weeks continuously

Suitable for potted plants of various small plants

No need to water daily in traditional mode, saving time

garden watering bulb


It is very important to budget for the water absorption of the plant before buying. Since this automatic garden waterer does not need any power accessories, it drips slowly by the principles of physics. Its main function is that long-term water droplets can keep the soil moist and supply water to the roots of the plants. In this case, it is usually more suitable for comparison. Potting soil for small plants is not suitable for watering very large trees.


Material: Tempered glass

The size of the cylinder:6.3 inch

Suggested water injection capacity:Fill with water

Watering time:About 2 weeks

Appropriate types:Medium and small plants

The package includes:

3×cat waterer, 1×foam packaging

[Automatic watering] This plant waterer is suitable for potted plants that require a small amount of soil.A watering tool that stores water in a glass ball.After being inserted into the soil,the water droplets will slowly drip into the soil that penetrates the roots of the plants,so there is no need to worry about the plants drying out or over-watering.
[Transparent glass] Upgraded tempered glass material,not easy to break,transparent cute cat shape,will not block your appreciation of plants,and the glass watering bulb allows you to see the water level more intuitively,convenient to check the water level,and add water at any time.
[Save time] The automatic watering system saves you from worrying about unattended plants.The watering time is as long as 2-3 weeks,so you have more time to work on other important things.(The watering time may vary depending on the conditions.Varies for different).
[Wide application]—used for potted plants,indoor plants,terrace plants,hanging plants and outdoor gardens with a small amount of soil,①pour water into the plant waterer,②permeable cloth to cover the nozzle to prevent clogging,③use others The tool digs a hole in the soil and then inserts the watering cat into it.
[Customer Service] If you have any questions about automatic plant watering equipment,please feel free to contact us,we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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