March 2, 2021


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3D Face Bracket for Comfortable Breathing | Stand Internal Support Frame | Mouth Support Internal | Face Inner Support Holder Frame Adjustable (5 PCS)

Price: $8.99
(as of Dec 11,2020 16:05:00 UTC – Details)

Product Description

3D Mask Bracket
3D Mask Bracket

Feature for 100% New 3D Internal Support Frame

COMFORTABLE AND FLEXIBLE: Humanized design, stretchy and comfortable fit, Therefore, it can be used by a wide range of people with excellent fit without worrying about the size of the face.MORE SMOOTH: Inner support frame can increase breathing space and make breathing more smooth. IDEAL FOR VERSATILE: The bracket separates the mouth and face to support enough internal space, great for lipstick makeup protection and comfortable breathing ect.ADJUSTBLE BUCKLE: Three positions with adjustable length, the length is adjusted to the size that is most comfortable for you to wear. Perfectly paired and won’t slip off.HIGH-QUALITY & SOFT MATERIAL: Made from PE+PPE premium and safe Material, smooth, comfortable, soft and not deformed.Please note that the holder is reusable, so it’s recommended to wash before or after use.PERFECT SIZE: 13 x10cm/5.2 x4inch, bigger and more space, helps keep you cooler and breathing easier.

silicone mask bracket
silicone mask bracket

Quick Installation In Only 4-Step

Align the buckle of the bracket with the edge of the fabric cover.Insert the edge of the fabric cover and fix it.Stretch the fabric cover.Just wear it normally.


Wash before useWash and dry after use Washable and reusable If you feel that the internal support frame of the face is movable when wearing, please adjust the position of the buckle.

mask bracket internal support
mask bracket internal support

Question & Answer

1)Q: Will these 3D mas-k bracket stay in place?

A: Yes, they will, adjust the level for best fit.

2)Q: Can they be used for Makeup Protection?

A:They can, versatile for sweating fabric cover, glasses fogging, lipstick on fabric cover, breathing and talking are not smooth.

4)Q: Do they wear to workouts?

A: They keeps fabric cover away from nose and mouth comfortably, Not too hot when you are exercising, When you’re exercising, the bracket will not be too hot under the fabric cover.

5)Q: Are they fits well for anyone?

A: Perfect size, suitable for different face shapes.



Breathing bracket

Breathing bracket

perfect size

perfect size

Soft But Not Deformed

The internal support frame made of soft material but will not deform, and is gentle on the skin, so you will not worry about uncomfortable wearing for a long time.

Ideal for Comfortable Breathing

Stays in place, Keeps lining fabric away from nose and mouth comfortably.

Adjustable length

No need to trim the size with scissors, just adjust the length of three levels.

Adjustable Length: Average size, Perfect for disposable mas-ks, Not suitable for all types, especially larger sizes
Comfortable Fit: 3D Internal Support and gentle on the skin, Keep fabric off mouth and nose to create more breathing space and cool feeling for comfortable wearing
Protect Lipstick Makeup: Prevent the mas-k lining from being stained with lipstick, So make sure your makeup is not disturbed, and you can talk and breathe easier
Premium and Soft Material: Made from PE+PPE material, safe, washable and reusable
More Cleaner & Easy to Use: The face inner support frame to increase breathing space and make breathing more smooth. Just slide the buckle for quick installation

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