February 28, 2021


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Ridgid R840095 Gen5X Genuine OEM Dual Chemistry Battery Charger for 18V lithium ion or NiCad batteries with Temperature Monitoring and Energy Saving (Battery Not Included, Charger Only)

Price: $59.96
(as of Dec 13,2020 22:29:58 UTC – Details)

If you have Ridgid 18V batteries, you’ll want to keep them charged so you can work at full power. If you’ve been working in your trade for a long time, chances are you have a combination of lithium ion and NiCad batteries. Keep both types charged with the Ridgid R840095 dual chemistry charger. Simply plug it into a wall, slide whichever 18v battery you have into the unit, and it’ll be fully charged in little time.

This charger is equipped with smart-charge technology, monitoring the condition and temperature of the batteries loaded into it. If the batteries are defective, or the temperature is either too hot or cold, the charger will deactivate, saving you energy from being wasted on batteries that won’t work. It will also power down when a battery is fully charged, so you can leave them in overnight without worrying about your electricity use. You won’t have trouble storing this charger in your workshop. It’s free-standing with its flat base, and you can mount it on pegboards with the screw holes on the back. As a homeowner or as a professional, you’ll get the most from your batteries with the help of the Ridgid Gen5X charger.

DUAL CHEMISTRY: This charger will work with both your NiCad and Lithium Ion batteries, so you can power your 18V cordless Ridgid tools
TEMPERATURE MONITORING: A panel on the front of the charger will notify you if charging is being delayed due to extremely hot or cold temperatures, and activate accordingly to reduce the risk of damaging batteries
SMART ENERGY SAVING: So as not to draw excessive power, the charger will deactivate once a battery is fully charged
MOUNTING: You can keep this on a pegboard with the help of the slots located on the back of the charger to maximize your workshop space
VENTILATION: The design of the charger maximizes airflow around the batteries, normalizing their temperature to maximize charging efficiency

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