March 5, 2021


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This Week’s Picks: Holiday Tree Ornaments

From festive to nostalgic, tree ornaments come in a wide variety of styles. This week, the GDA editorial team reflects on a few favorite decorations of the season. Though it’s too late to consider these great finds for this holiday season, keep them in mind when you begin ordering for Christmas 2021.

Anne-Marie Earl’s Pick: Guardian Angel Ornament

I’ve always been adamant about getting a real tree. There’s something about the fresh smell and imperfect shape that make it feel like the holidays to me. But a couple years ago, the tree we chose was heavier on one side, and it fell in the middle of the night, taking out several ornaments on the way down. I was devastated, but my mother-in-law has tubs full that she doesn’t use, and she passed some down to me.

One that she gave is my daughter’s favorite: It’s a limited edition from Old World Christmas called Guarding My Children. I have the original packaging, which reads, “A Guardian Angel watches over my children, keeping them safe and protected. Christmas is a special time for children to feel secure and loved.” That description hits a little different this year, as we could all use safety and protection through this pandemic. I hope your holidays are safe and full of love, and here’s to a healthy new year!

Alex Herring’s Pick: Carol of the Bells

I love giving ornaments as gifts because there’s an ornament to fit any style of tree. During last year’s winter trade show season, I picked up a silver bell ornament with a red ribbon from Grasslands Road, now a division under Amscan. Its simple, classic design reminds me of childhood Christmases where my sisters and I stayed up late, hoping to spot Santa’s boot in the fireplace. The description on the ornament box describes how best to use it. “Ring this bell loud and clear. This way, Santa will know just where you live and just where to go. With this magical bell, you can always be sure that on Christmas morning, you’ll find presents and more!” This year, I plan to pass the ornament on to my nieces, so they can experience the same Christmas magic I did years ago.

coton-colors ornament

Lenise Willis’ Pick: Personalized Christmas Ornament

Known for its motto of “Happy Everything,” Coton Colors’ designs always evoke joy and cheerfulness for me, and their ornaments are no different. This merry ornament puts a twist on the traditional colors of red and green, featuring neon green dots on its pearl-like surface, quirky gold bells and a gorgeous red ribbon up top. The colors, to me, reflect fun and spunk, while still fitting in with the traditional color palette of my Christmas tree. What I love even more about it is that it dons my new married name. Last year, during the summer Atlanta Market, a Coton Colors staff member was personalizing ornaments for showroom visitors and I’m so glad she insisted that I preemptively get one with my husband’s last name. This year was the first time I could add it to the tree and it means so much to me. Not only is it beautiful and joyful, but it also makes me feel special, commemorating our first Christmas as husband and wife.

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