February 26, 2021


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Hilti TE-YPX SDS-Max Pointed Chisels

Hilti SDS-Max Chisels Work 3X Longer Than Standard SDS Max Chisels

If you’ve never put any thought into your pointed chisels, that might change. If you can get more life out of your accessories, well, that could save some time and money. The Hilti TE-YPX SDS-Max Pointed Chisels use a state-of-the-art wave design and some self-sharpening technology. They claim it delivers longer life and better performance.

10-Second Summary

  • Model: Hilti TE-YPX
  • Unique wave design and self-sharpening technology
  • Polygon X-section breaks concrete faster with significantly less sticking
  • Works up to 3x longer than standard concrete chisels
  • High-alloy steel and induction hardening technology provides higher bending strength and break resistance
  • Compatible with all Hilti SDS-Max breakers and rotary hammers
  • Available in 11, 14.2, 19.7, and 27.6 inches
  • Prices: Start at $65


Chisel Features

The Hilti TE-YPX Chisels promise consistently high breaking and chiseling performance in light breaking and demolition applications. This includes openings and enlargements, chipping, and surface treatments. It also functions equally well for working with concrete, brick, and stone.

Hilti SDS-Max Chisels

Hilti uses high-alloy steel and an induction hardening process to form the TE-YPX Chisels. This lends the chisels higher bending strength and break resistance. Hilti says that these chisels will work up to 3x longer than a standard concrete chisel.



Hilti claims that these chisels also increase performance. The polygon X-section creates bigger cracks to break concrete faster. The wave design and X-polygon tube effect increase dust removal while avoiding downtime caused by chisels sticking in the material. In any case, faster chiseling with fewer hang-ups sounds like a great idea. We’re glad to see continued innovation in an area you might otherwise think we’d run out of ideas.

The Hilti TE-YPX Pointed Chisels are compatible with all of Hilti’s SDS Max breakers and rotary hammers. They come in 11″ ($65), 14.2″ ($75), 19.7″ ($85), and 27.6″ ($95) sizes. You can purchase them directly from Hilti, either online or from a Hilti Store.

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